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AI MAGISTER" is a Candidate EDIH for Italy with national scope, a technological focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI), and an application focus on Mobility-Transport-Logistics, Agri-Food, and Public services. The EDIH will deliver a holistic "Path to AI" to drive the green digital transformation in (A) SMEs and small mid-caps of two European "Industrial Ecosystems for Resilience", representing two key "made in Italy" sectors worth – respectively – around 20% and 15% of national GDP; (B) Public organisations, with key focus on Municipalities as first-level gateway to Communities in the delivery of public and social services and citizens wellbeing. Through its action, AI MAGISTER aims to contribute to achievement of 8 SDGs. AI MAGISTER is promoted by a group of 19 complementary organisations (88 persons, of which 42% women) with strong roles, and resources, as well as strong pre-existing assets: 1 Expert in Funds, 4 Academia, 3 AI platforms, 1 Incubator, 1 Accelerator, 1 Trend Watcher, 2 Skills Experts, 1 Innovation ecosystem, 1 DIH, 1 Railway Cluster, 1 Agri-Food Association, 1 Municipalities Association, 1 Expert in Municipalities Transformation. It will deliver 7.937 DMAs, 307 Test Before Invest, train 11.460 persons, mobilise >85M€ of public funds and >79M€ of private funds for innovation. It will create the AI MAGISTER Digital City (digital twin) to boost the users' digital experience (access to the EDIH services, participation to the Academia, etc.), this opening up the projection of AI MAGISTER in the Metaverse. AI MAGISTER will cooperate with 18 organisations from Italy and Europe (LoS/MoU signed), including 6 EDIHs (2x Italy, 1 Austria, 1 Latvia, 1 Spain, 1 Portugal) with whom the development of common services has been agreed, 4 EENs, as well as relevant European sectorial networks and EU-funded projects. More collaborations will be fostered through the project life-cycle.

Coordinator information

Contractual contact information

Simone Caporale

Operational contact information

Simone Caporale

Coordinator address

Piazzale de matthaeis 9
03100 Frosinone

Coordinator Business name

Profima S.r.l.

Coordinator Legal name

Coordinator department

Profima S.r.l.


Contact Name Role Country Address Business Name Legal Name Participant Type Website
Veronica Elena Bocci Partner Italy Via sandro pertini 358, 51100 Pistoia Pistoia, Italy DITECFER - DISTRETTO PER LE TECNOLOGIE FERROVIARIE, L ALTA VELOCITA E LA SICUREZZA DELLE RETI SCARL OTH
Guido Di Fraia Partner Italy Via carlo bo 1, 20143 Milano Milano, Italy IULM HES
Ivano Corradetti Partner Italy Corso vittorio emanuele ii, 123, 84014 Nocera inferiore Nocera inferiore, Italy FONDAZIONE AMPIORAGGIO OTH
Giovanni Acampora Partner Italy Corso umberto i, 40, 80138 Napoli Napoli, Italy UNINA HES
Genoveffa Tortora Partner Italy Via giovanni paolo ii 132, 84084 Fisciano sa Fisciano sa, Italy UNIVERSITA DEGLI STUDI DI SALERNO HES
Enrico Ferrari Partner Italy Via felice romani 9/2, 16122 Genova Genova, Italy RULEX PRC
Alberto Fioravanti Partner Italy Via bernardo quaranta, 40, 20139 Milano Milano, Italy Digital Magics PRC
Lorenzo Pirrotta Partner Italy Corso del rinascimento, 69, 00186 Rome Rome, Italy CEPI OTH
Lida Cairo Partner Italy Via costanza baudana vaccolini, 14, 00153 Roma Roma, Italy CLES Srl PRC
Guido Fabbri Partner Italy Via casilina 98, 00182 Roma Roma, Italy Geosmartcampus PRC
Francesco Epifania Partner Italy Via de rolandi 1, 20156 Milan Milan, Italy Social Thingum PRC
Paride Gullini Partner Italy Viale delle terme 1056, 40024 Castel san pietro terme Castel san pietro terme, Italy ANUSCA OTH
Marco Baione Partner Italy Via san leonardo 120, Salerno Salerno, Italy JOBIZ FORMAZIONE SRL PRC
Gianluca Bertone Partner Italy Via sabato visco, 24, 84131 Salerno Salerno, Italy Learning Organisations Think Smart PRC
Danilo D'Elia Partner Italy Via torino 153, 00184 Roma Roma, Italy Node PRC
Aldo Franco Dragoni Partner Italy Piazza roma 22, 60121 Ancona Ancona, Italy UNIVPM HES
Luca Marconi Partner Italy Via de rolandi 1, 20156 Milano Milano, Italy AITECH4T s.r.l. PRC
Enrico Cattaneo Partner Italy Piazza solferino 20, 10121 Torino Torino, Italy The Doers S.r.l. PRC

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