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Automation and robotics


Publication date
10 May 2023


Train the Trainer course on 19 May 2023 (12:00-15:00 CET) that aims to help EDIH team members that are less familiar with the fields of automation and robotics to gain a better understanding of how these technologies can help SMEs, and to learn about good practices for the implementation of this technology, which is crucial when supporting SMEs. Participants will learn about the basic concepts of automation and robotics and how they fit into the broader Industry 4.0 perspective. They will learn about the benefits of automation and robotics processes and the factors to be taken into account in deployment. They will focus on how to overcome the barriers that can arise when introducing automation. Particular attention will be paid to the feasibility of automation and robotics, in particular the ROI calculation.

Participants will learn how to prepare for an automation and robotics project and which tools they can use to assist them. The course will cover 12 steps, starting from the initial idea to implementation and reconfiguration, which include understanding the process, technical inquiries, process specification, conceptual simulation, supplier selection, detailed design, planning for installation, on-site implementation, commissioning, getting to know new technologies, monitoring indicators, maintenance, and reconfiguration.

Some examples will be presented in simulation environment to better understand the topics, and also few tasks  to better reinforce the learning. Throughout the course, participants will gain knowledge and skills that they can use in their work as trainers to help train SMEs in their automation and robotics projects.

To register, enrol and attend the course, please visit - - and follow the steps outlined in the Trainee User Guide (below).

Course provider: Development Center Novo Mesto


EDIH Academy User Guide - Trainee
(808.7 KB - PDF)

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