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How to reduce complexity in training programmes


Publication date
18 April 2023


Train the Trainer course on 27 April 2023 (14:00-16:00 CEST) on how to reduce complexity in training programmes.

When we teach, our most important goal should be that participants learn and develop. Often, we do not know the participants in advance, we do not know what their previous experience is or what their needs or learning wishes actually are. Teachers often counter this with a wealth of content and topics, so that we do not have any gaps and can consider all kinds of different prior knowledge.

As a result, we spend a lot of time in training sessions with the prepared content but very little with the participants themselves. But this is where people can learn best from each other, by sharing their own examples and experiences from the field, thereby creating a low-threshold opportunity for shared learning. Furthermore, a very varied learning environment is helpful, especially when different learning types participate in training programmes.

In this Train the Trainer course, you will learn about tools and methods to reduce complexity and how to specifically address participants and their needs. In this way, you can ensure that your training programmes are participant-orientated and strength-based.


  • Creating clear outcomes for training sessions
  • Participant orientation: Focusing on skills and strengths
  • Less is More: How to meet individual needs in mixed groups
  • Reducing complexity with tools and methods

Course provider: THI Techhouse GmbH (EDIH innovATE)

To enrol in and access this course and materials, please visit the eLearning Platform and follow the steps outlined in the EDIH Academy Trainee User Guide below.


EDIH Academy User Guide - Trainee
(808.7 KB - PDF)