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Snap4City: Smart City IoT Course - Overview


Publication date
14 April 2023


Train the Trainer course on 26 April 2023 (10:00-12:00 CEST) that provides an overview of the Snap4City ( Smart City IoT Course for the trainers. The topics will range from data gathering to smart applications and Control Rooms. This online course enables trainers to learn how to create professional dashboards, IoT applications and smart solutions, without needing to be programmers.

Course overview topics:

1st Section: Overview (of a full course of 8 sections)
• Overview
   o Examples of: Firenze, Helsinki, Pisa, Livorno, Antwerp, Santiago, Lonato, etc..
• Urban Platform (main concepts vs Living Lab)
• Snap4City Architecture
• Dashboards: from City Dashboards to Applications (overview)
   o Demo Control Room for Decision Makers and for Operators
   o Real time tracking
   o Dashboard Intelligence, smart applications, business intelligence
   o Smart City Control Rooms
• Data Gathering and City Data Knowledge Management (overview)
   o Interoperability
• IOT Applications, Devices and Dashboards (Overview)
• Forging & Managing Flexible Mobile Apps, Web App, MicroApplications (Overview)
• Data Analytic, Big Data Science (Overview)
• Snap4City Living Lab for Collaborative Work (overview)
   o Development environment, tools, GDPR
• Snap4City and Km4City Projects
• Installation of Snap4City platform overview
• Training and documents for developers

Course provider: Distributed Systems and Internet Technologies (DISIT) Lab, University of Florence (UNIFI),

The course is available at

To access the course, please follow the steps outlined in the Trainee User Guide (below).


EDIH Academy User Guide - Trainee
(808.7 KB - PDF)

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