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Introduction to FIWARE

Train the Trainer Course

Train the Trainer course that will introduce EDIHs and their representatives to the FIWARE Foundation, which provides a suite of open-source tools for Smart City and Smart Verticals data management.

Over 200 cities, regions and public entities have already integrated these tools into their Public Service smart management systems; thus, a working knowledge of the NGSI API implemented by FIWARE is a critical skill for those technicians hoping to work in the Smart City industry, either as part of a public entity integrating these technologies or as a worker at a company providing said integration.

The course will showcase the usage of FIWARE tools in Smart City systems, using the Badajoz Smart Province use-case as an example.

The course aims to show EDIHs how to explain FIWARE tools and opportunities to their customers – to inspire their uptake and use.

Course structure:

  1. Introduction to the FIWARE Ecosystem: its aims, features and strategy
  2. The Badajoz Smart Province use-case. Why FIWARE?
  3. Structure of a FIWARE Smart Solution architecture — layer based structure
  4. FIWARE suite of software enablers — building blocks for smart solutions
  5. Badajoz Smart Province: further analysis.
  6. How's and where's — the FIWARE catalogue and documentation.

To enrol in and access this course and materials, please visit the eLearning Platform

Course provider: Tech4Efficiency EDIH

At the Tech4Efficiency EDIH, we leverage our years of experience working with our own FIWARE platform to provide an introductory course to the technology, featuring both an overview of its possibilities and a hands-on practice session with a live FIWARE context broker.

  • smart city | open source software | regional government
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