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The AEDIH project accompanies agricultural enterprises through the different stages of the customer lifecycle, providing them complementary services that build on each other in a modular system.

AEDIH services

The pathway starts with the digital scoping where the digital maturity level of the agricultural enterprises is assessed according to an adapted ADMA (Agricultural Digital Maturity Assessment) methodology. This is followed by the preparation of an individual digital development roadmaps, tailored to the organisation. The roadmap is developed in close collaboration with the respective enterprise and includes recommendations for digital upgrades, including specific service proposals of AEDIH. The next step strives for enhancing the digital readiness of the agricultural enterprises and supports the roll-out of digital upgrades by providing training, demonstration opportunities, testbeds and tests before investment as well as concrete investment planning. Fostering digital upscaling is the third level of implementation, this is where the actual digitisation development takes place, the agricultural enterprise is integrated into the agro-digital ecosystem and AEDIH also supports them in identifying funding sources for their digital progress. 

The project activities are defined along the customer life cycle supporting the development of digital skills of agricultural producers:

  • Digital maturity assessment as an applicant. The maturity examination will be completed with all producers entering the project as well as upon exit. The maturity test can also be used to measure the results of the project. The maturity assessment consists of three parts:
    • EU DMA methodology, streamlined to the context of AEDIH target groups
    • Agri digitalization-related section
    • Assessing personal readiness for capacity building 
  • Preparation of a digital development road map of the farm, including planned, required and human resource improvements needed.
  • Preparation of a financing plan as part of the digital development plan.
  • Building the capacity of producers through training and education at different levels, based on the results of digital maturity assessment and the digital road map.
  • Trainings on the operation of digital solutions, testing, visiting demonstration farms to transfer operational experience. In addition to experience, the test before invest service significantly increases the confidence associated with the implementation of digital technologies.
  • At the end of the customer's lifecycle, the digital maturity test is repeated and the roadmap for the digital development of the farm is updated.
  • Methodological elements and manuals related to the services will be prepared in the framework of the AEDIH.
  • For the two secondary target groups, the following services will be provided by the AEDIH
    • Preparing the advisors to support the implementation of digital technologies through training and methodologies. Transfer of methodologies and experience gained from the project.
    • Providing digital innovation businesses and start-ups with information on the digital readiness, needs, technological environment and management skills of users.
    • Providing costumer experience (CX) and user experience (UX) consultancy for development companies. Collecting data on the methodologies developed in the AEDIH framework, their application, digital maturity studies and digital development plans.

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