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European Digital Innovation Hubs Network


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Establishing a national EDIH in Iceland for digital transformation

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EDIH-IS is the Icelandic national European Digital Innovation Hub to be established in collaboration with the national technology transfer office, major universities, Icelandic Centre for Research, industry representatives and the Icelandic government. EDIH-IS brings together top national expertise and capacity in artificial intelligence, high performance computing and cybersecurity to advance digitalisation in the public and private sector. EDIH-IS will also be able to mediate connections and influences from the top European actors in digitalisation to Iceland. One-stop-shop for export/import of digital expert knowhow and solutions towards Europe. EDIH-IS will be instrumental in connecting digital challenges and SMEs with the top digital expertise and facilitate access to infrastructure and computing capacity. It will be active in orchestrating skill-building and awareness through its partners and affiliated entities and will be active in disseminating useful information to SMEs, the public and the government on advances in digitalisation and policies. Icelands remote, arctic location and western most point of Europe has strategic value when it comes to digital and infrastructure security, availability of communication frequencies, access to green energy for data processing, monitoring and data collection on the effects of climate change which is accelerated in the arctic environment. This opens up unique opportunities for synergies within the European fields of emphasis, digitalisation and green sustainable development. EDIH-IS will be the contact point for projects and innovations coming through the European network of EDIHs ready to be tested in a small society with excellent IT infrastructure. Iceland as a testbed is an attractive environment for digital solutions for test before invest and/or hack before invest, providing speedy feedback on feasibility, success or possible issues with implementation and scale-up in larger societies within Europe.

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Einar Mantyla

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Einar Mantyla

Coordinator address

Bjargargata 1
102 Reykjavík

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Audna TTO Iceland

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Artificial Intelligence & Decision support
High performance computing
Big data




Contact Name Role Country Address Business Name Legal Name Participant Type Website
Morris Riedel Partner Iceland Saemundargotu 2, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland University of Iceland HES
Stefan Olafsson Partner Iceland Menntavegur 1, 102 Reykjavik, Iceland REYKJAVIKUNIVERSITY HR HES
Hannes Ottosson Partner Iceland Borgartuni 30, 105 Reykjavik, Iceland Rannis PUB
Theodor Gislason Partner Iceland Borgartún 37, 105 Reykjavik, Iceland Syndis PRC
Kristjan Hafsteinsson Partner Iceland Borgartun 37, 105 Reykjavik, Iceland TM Software Origo ehf PRC