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SMILE-DIH (Smart Manufacturing Innovation for Lean Excellence center - Digital Innovation Hub)

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SMILE-DIH (Smart Manufacturing Innovation for Lean Excellence center - Digital Innovation Hub)


SMILE-DIH is a no profit entity performing networking, matchmaking, brokerage and dissemination activities.

The aim of SMILE-DIH is to help companies to become more competitive by improving their business/production processes as well as products and services by means of digital technology.

SMILE-DIH deals with the promotion of digital manufactoring trasformation towards Industry 4.0 approach and the Value Chain processes overall.


In particular the main activities are:

  • Awareness Dissemination (Meeting, Workshop, etc.)
  • Supporting activities to industrial companies for Industry 4.0-based project implementation
  • Support access to tax breaks provided by Piano Industria 4.0
  • Supporting activities for assessing digital readiness
  • Supporting activities to facilitate manufacturing companies access to innovation regional ecosystem
  • Design and delivery of training initiatives
  • Coordination activities for implementing I4.0-based factories


The vision of the hub is the achievement of waste free «Lean and Smart factories», where the digital and the physical words are completely connected, data are always available and performance deviations can be monitored in real time and addressed immediately. In this cyber-physical system, people do not waste their time, but can devote themselves, completely, to high-value stimulating activities, delegating calculations and routine tasks to robots and computers. Indeed, in case of problems, the system promptly informs human experts and suggests possible solutions, which can be simulated, tested and finally assessed.
The mission of the hub is threefold:

  • Make it understood the importance of ICT technologies as the key element to carry on, conjointly, product and process innovation;
  • To support SMEs in their pathway toward an Industry 4.0 status, through the preliminary analysis of internal processes and the selection, implementation, integration and customization of emerging and/or innovating ICT technologies;
  • To develop a fully integrated «Digitally Enabled Lean Toolkit» for operational excellence and performance optimization, especially in MTO, ATO and ETO SMEs.

Coordinator information

Contractual contact information

Cucinotta Annamaria
+39 0521 905765

Operational contact information

Cucinotta Annamaria
+39 0521 905765

Coordinator address

Strada al ponte caprazucca 6/a

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