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Sweden Secure Tech Hub by Sweden ICT

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Sweden ICT – a constellation of six of Sweden’s leading Science Parks, have joined forces to accelerate impact towards a green and sustainable future by using new technology on a broader scale

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Sweden ICT is a non-profit consortium with Sweden’s 6 leading ICT-focused science parks. The proposed EDIH project will further strengthen Sweden ICT as the go-to hub/ecosystem for achieving significant capability-building and progression in secure digital transformation. Secure digitalization is critical. The increasing rate, magnitude and cost of malicious cyber-attacks in recent years have become the biggest threat to sustaining the forthcoming digital transformation, in the private and public sector. Paradoxically, Sweden is ranked very high in digitalization and has significant expertise in cyber security on a national level – but there is in the private and public sector a significant lack of up-take and deployment of secure digital processes, technologies and solutions. For the national efforts to have an impact, there needs to be orchestrated, effective, and large-scale work on the local/regional level to raise awareness, build capacity, and support tangible progression towards secure digital transformation. And this is exactly what the Sweden ICT EDIH project is designed to provide. Established in 2019, Sweden ICT covers the whole of Sweden and includes clusters of more than 2400 member companies with more than 60,000 employees. In addition, via partners, Sweden ICTs reach increases to approx 50 000 SMEs. This wide reach is also reflected in the project KPI:s – e.g more than 13000 SMEs and public organizations will benefit from at least one of the 17 distinct services offered by Sweden ICT EDIH. Thus, Sweden ICT EDIH delivers secure digital transformation on a larger scale and at a faster pace. With a project set-up containing identical regional customer journey support processes executed at 6 regions, and coordinating work-packages across these processes, the project achieves significant economies of scale – e.g by aggregating a large number of needs analyses, developing joint communication efforts and delivering a joint portfolio of services.

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Mårten Holmberg

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Emma Sturesson

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Campus gräsvik 2
371 75 Karlskrona

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Blue Science Park

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Blue Science Park ( svb ) AB


Contact Name Role Country Address Business Name Legal Name Participant Type Website
Lena Miranda Partner Sweden Teknikringen 10, 583 30 Linköping, Sweden Linköping Science Park AB OTH
Lotta Wessfeldt Partner Sweden Scheelevagen 17, 22370 Lund, Sweden Ideon Science Park OTH
Ola Stensby Partner Sweden Lindholmspiren 5 8077, 402 78 Goteborg, Sweden LSP OTH
Sara Json Lindmark Partner Sweden Aurorum 2, 977 75 Luleå, Sweden Luleå Science Park PRC
Karin Bengtsson Partner Sweden Isafjordsgatan 22 b5, 164 40 Kista, Sweden Kista Science City PRC