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EDIH for Digital Transformation of the Aviation and Aerospace Industry

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The air above us is one of the most under-utilized assets our society has. We are on the threshold to a new society where people and goods will be able to move efficiently and sustainably in three dimensions. Modern sustainable aviation will democratise transportation and promote social inclusion by providing access to fast and reliable transportation to everyone, in cities and rural areas. These new possibilities will disrupt the transport and mobility industries in ways no other industries have been transformed. It is imperative for Europe that we accelerate this transformation to enhance the European competitiveness and resilience. The Aero EDIH will create societal and business impact by supporting the digital and green transformation of SMEs, regional airports and public sector within the domain of aerospace related industries in the European Union. The Aero EDIH will act as multiplier, leveraging local expertise with existing EU digital capabilities and resources within the fields of HPC, AI, cybersecurity and other advanced digital skills by providing clients services of testing before investing, training and skills development, support to find investments, and networking and access to innovation ecosystems. The Aero EDIH, with its founding partners of Norrköping Science Park, Independent Business Group, Linköping University and Research Institutes of Sweden and network of associated partners, has a strong national presence especially in the region of Östergötland, Sweden, a region at the forefront of development in aerospace and digital technologies for decades. With a project budget of approx. 3.1MEUR over 36 months, expected outcomes include raised digital maturity and accelerated uptake of digital technologies, enhancing the users’ abilities to develop new business relationships and to secure the funding needed for further development and growth.

Coordinator information

Contractual contact information

Magnus Krogh

Operational contact information

Patrik Tunón
+46 73-028 50 83

Coordinator address

Laxholmstorget 3
602 21 Norrkoping

Coordinator Business name

Norrkoping Science Park AB

Coordinator Legal name

Coordinator department

Norrkoping Science Park AB


Contact Name Role Country Address Business Name Legal Name Participant Type Website
Martin Rantzer Partner Sweden Campus valla, 581 83 Linkoping, Sweden LIU HES
Ulf Rudebark Partner Sweden Vastgotegatan 15 d, 602 21 Norrkoping, Sweden IBG PRC
Jonas Andero Partner Sweden Brinellgatan 4, 501 15 Boras, Sweden RISE REC
Ulf Rudebark Partner Sweden Västgötegatan 15, 60221 Norrköping, Sweden A2M PRC

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