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advanCed digitAl TeChnology Hub for the Life Sciences at MIND


The CATCH atMIND proposal for an European Digital Innovation Hub in the digital health domain relies on the experience of top academic and industrial partners in Italy’s healthcare industry core, the Region of Lombardy. It is based on the notion that building the digital health ecosystem of the future is a journey whose starting point is data. CATCH atMIND will deliver a portfolio of services based on bio-data secure collection and in silico analytics via AI-ML models, providing novel insight and generating business value for the Italian and European healthcare ecosystems. It will supply, in a realistic though virtualized context, digital services that will support product and service innovation in the whole healthcare business ecosystem. CATCH atMIND test-before-investing services span the entire healthcare domain, supporting experiential training and business development across the ecosystem and facilitating access to funding for new entrepreneurial initiatives. Through its business development and access to funding services, CATCH atMIND will help existing companies to grow and increase the success rate of innovative entrepreneurial initiatives in digital health but also to explore new business model and access funding at local and European level. The adoption of the CATCH atMIND service portfolio will spread sound practices for secure biodata management and for the deployment of AI-ML in the pharma and healthcare sectors, profoundly transforming healthcare innovation as well as its operational model and user/patient experience. CATCH atMIND will be an active part of the European network of healthcare hubs, as a founding member of a corridor bringing together like-minded innovation hubs from all Europe.

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+39 02503 16243

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+39 02503 16243

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Via festa del perdono 7
20122 Milano

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Computer Science Department "Giovanni degli Antoni"

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