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Cybersecurity and AI Hub | France

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CYBIAH is the only pre-selected EDIHs of the Paris Region aiming at developing cybersecurity, with the ability to extend its actions at both national and European level. Incubated at the heart of Campus Cyber (CCYB), CYBIAH has privileged access to the best cybersecurity experts to deliver services to its members. Cybersecurity offers are very expensive, which slows down their use and leaves many organisations vulnerable to cyber-attacks. CYBIAH consortium is composed of highly relevant expertise suited to address the needs of public administrations and SMEs from all sectors. To support them, CYBIAH will work with external cyber providers used to deal with their realities. These cyber providers are referenced by the "ExpertCyber" label. Thus, CYBIAH seeks to achieve two major impacts. First, to make exceptional services accessible to SMEs and public administrations. Secondly, to develop cybersecurity maturity and innovation in the Paris Region among service providers and clients. CYBIAH is based on an annual membership model giving privileged access to a range of services. CYBIAH has set up a support package fitted to the size, domain, and digital maturity of its members. These offers will include a set of actions to complete digitalisation. Services include training to enhance digital skills and support the implementation of best practices to reach and stay at a level of security that dissuades attackers. For the most important members, CYBIAH will offer test before invest and innovation support services. The other area of work is maturity and innovation in cybersecurity. CYBIAH will deploy sustained communication actions through the partners’ networks at regional, national and European levels. It will identify the needs not covered by cybersecurity experts and organise challenges to foster sovereign innovation from providers. In parallel, CYBIAH will help structure innovation projects by assisting in the construction and obtaining of public or private funding.

Coordinator information

Contractual contact information

Fabien Gainier
+33 6 07 35 77 11

Operational contact information

Anne-Sophie Colleaux
+33 7 89 21 60 65

Coordinator address

5-7 rue bellini
92800 Puteaux

Coordinator Business name

Campus Cyber

Coordinator Legal name

Coordinator department


Market and services


Artificial Intelligence & Decision support


Manufacturing and processing
Health care
Public administration
Travel and tourism
Retail, wholesale or distribution


Contact Name Role Country Address Business Name Legal Name Participant Type Website
Marie Moin Partner France Rue voltaire 14-16, 94270 Kremlin bicetre, France EPITA HES
Francoise Soulie Partner France 8-10 rue charles v, 75004 Paris 1, France HUB FRANCE IA OTH
Pierrick Aguesse Partner France Terrasse bellini 32, 92806 Puteaux cedex, France F.I. PRC
Eloy Lafaye Partner France 17 avenue pierre mendès france, 75013 Paris, France Métropole du Grand Paris PUB
Anissa Bestaoui Partner France Avenue de friedland 27, 75382 Paris, France CCI PARIS ILE-DE-FRANCE PUB
Nathalie Jacquart Partner France 91 rue jean jaurès, 92806 Puteaux, France EPT Paris Ouest la Défense PUB
Antoine Couret Partner France 47 rue de ponthieu, 75008 Paris, France ALEIA PRC
Hubert Duault Partner France Domaine de voluceau rocquencourt, 78153 Le chesnay cedex, France INRIA REC
Arnaud Le Men Partner France 13 rue du 4 septembre, 75002 Paris, France ERIUM PRC
David Bizeul Partner France 18-20 place de la madeleine, 75008 Paris, France SEKOIA PRC
Clement Michel Partner France 14 rue charles 5, 75004 Paris, France YES WE HACK PRC

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