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European Digital Innovation Hub Saarland

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EDIH Saarland is the digital innovation catalyst and integrator serving the needs of structural transformation in Saarland, the Federal State (Land) of Germany, by offering to regional SME’s, mid-caps and public sector entities a comprehensive service portfolio with the focus on Artificial Intelligence and other key enabling technologies. EDIH Saarland addresses essential regional innovation needs of green and digital transition, builds upon and makes a major contribution to the implementation of the regional innovation strategy and, at the same time, opens up its services to the entire EDIH network, thus putting the regional innovation strategy into the European context. The EDIH Saarland specialization in Industrial AI and AI for eGovernment is based on the significant and relevant testing and experimentation facilities, professional community of experts and regional innovation infrastructure. EDIH Saarland builds on existing partnership and various ongoing activities providing coordination and triggering a synergy effect. As an innovation broker, EDIH Saarland will facilitate and support the collaborative ecosystem including major research/innovation stakeholders with outstanding competences in the focus area, and local industrial and public sector organizations in need for digital transformation. The Hub’s work plan includes the set of activities aimed at making the EDIH Saarland’s service portfolio available for other EDIHs with the focus on further integration within the Greater Region and sectoral specialization (e.g. automotive industries). The EDIH Saarland consortium brings together the major regional RTD and innovation players, has established the privileged relations with the Saarland’s Government and other stakeholders, such as industrial clusters, research and education performers, business incubators etc., and, therefore, has ensured sustainable and lasting foundation for its operation.

Coordinator information

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SPEICHER Christoph
+49 681 85787 535

Operational contact information

Attique Bashir
+49 681 85787 300

Coordinator address

Eschberger Weg 46, Gewerbepark Geb. 9
66121 Saarbrücken

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ZeMA gGmbH

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Assembly sytems

Market and services


Artificial Intelligence & Decision support
Cyber-physical systems
Human computer interaction


Manufacturing and processing
Retail, wholesale or distribution


SME support
Technology transfer


Contact Name Role Country Address Business Name Legal Name Participant Type Website
Andrey Girenko Partner Germany Trippstadter strasse 122, 67663 Kaiserslautern, Germany DFKI REC
Lukas Gruenbeck Partner Germany Eschberger weg 40, 66121 Saarbrücken, Germany East Side Fab e.V. PRC
Dirk Werth Partner Germany Uni-campus nord, 66123 Saarbrucken, Germany AWSi REC
Sabine Betzholz-Schlueter Partner Germany Franz-josef-roeder-strasse 9, 66119 Saarbrucken, Germany SAARIS OTH

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