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EDIH Title

EDIH VILNIUS: accelerating green and digital transformation in Vilnius region

Geographical scope

Vilnius region



Responding to the DIGITAL-2021-EDIH-01-INITIAL call, EDIH VILNIUS is submitting the proposal with a goal to enable the EDIH VILNIUS to effectively support the digital and green transformation of SMEs and public sector organisations in the Vilnius region. The specific objectives of the project directly correspond to the objectives of the call and are the following:
(1) to ensure full integration of the EDIH VILNIUS into a common network of EDIHs in order to facilitate effective international cooperation and service provision as well as identify and cover the needs of Vilnius region SMEs and public sector organisations in a field of digital and green transformation by providing a full package of integrated services
(2) to upgrade the capacity of the EDIH VILNIUS to ensure the proper provision of these services
(3) to build networks between EDIH VILNIUS and other relevant organisations in Europe and worldwide in order to ensure sharing of capacities and knowledge, especially, in the fields of High Performance Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Advanced Digital Skills.

Moreover, the project will directly contribute to the overall Digital Europe Programme objectives as EDIH VILNIUS will become a part of EDIHs network on the EU level and will help to cover a specific EU region (Vilnius region, Lithuania). EDIH VILNIUS is already a mature consortium which is deeply engaged in its activities. At the moment the consortium brings together digital technology expertise, with the specific focus on AI technologies, in different sectors as well as infrastructure needed to provide high quality services in the Vilnius region. Therefore, EDIH VILNIUS is able to ensure a successful implementation of the project and its objectives. The project will help members of EDIH VILNIUS to better combine their forces, infrastructure and competencies for a common goal - comprehensive digital and green transformation of Lithuanian industry, SMEs and public sector organisations.

Coordinator information

Contractual contact information

Edgaras Kriukonis

Operational contact information

Edgaras Kriukonis

Coordinator address

Sauletekio al. 15
10224 Vilnius

Coordinator Business name

Saulėtekio slėnio mokslo ir technologijų parkas

Coordinator Legal name

Market and services


Additive manufacturing
Artificial Intelligence & Decision support
Cyber-physical systems
Digital twins
High performance computing
Internet of Things


Manufacturing and processing
Manufacturing and processing


Circular economy
SME support
Technological innovation
Technology transfer
Sme Business Development
Ecosystem building


Contact Name Role Country Address Business Name Legal Name Participant Type Website
Kristina Babelyte-Labanauske Partner Lithuania Universiteto g. 3, 01513 Vilnius, Lithuania Vilniaus universitetas HES
Vilma Puriene Partner Lithuania Sauletekio al 11, 10223 Vilnius, Lithuania VILNIUS TECH HES
Marius Vinciunas Partner Lithuania Savanoriu 231, 02300 Vilnius, Lithuania FTMC REC
Edmundas Zvirblis Partner Lithuania Akademijos 2, 08412 Vilnius, Lithuania VISORIAI INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY PARK OTH
Daumantas Simenas Partner Lithuania Jogailos g 4, 09108 Vilnius, Lithuania LITHUANIAN ROBOTICS ASSOCIATION OTH
Monika Paule Partner Lithuania V.a. graiciuno str.8-255, 10257 Vilnius, Lithuania Lithuanian Biotechnology Association PUB
Nomeda Simbelyte Partner Lithuania Mokslininku str. 6a, 08412 Vilnius, Lithuania Smart Health DIH PUB
Egle Radvile Partner Lithuania Konstitucijos av.3, 09601 Vilnius, Lithuania Municipal enterprise "Vilniaus planas" PUB
- Affiliated Lithuania Konstitucijos 3, 09601 Vilnius, Lithuania VMSA PUB

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