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EDIH Odense for deployment of collaborative robots (cobots) in many domains especially manufacturing and logistics

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Aim: The purpose of EDOcobot is to improve robot skills and increase the deployment of useful collaborative robots (cobots) in SMEs and small mid-caps and thereby support production in Denmark and Europe, supporting DIGITAL objectives. Method: We categorised end users according to their robot experience and general digital skills and have designed a set of services that cover the whole continuum. As experienced companies are already aware of many options and opportunities, our services focus particularly on beginner SMEs. Beginners are introduced to the variety of cobot systems and led to discover which would work best for them, how their factory needs to be reorganised for the cobot, and how this investment can be funded. “Robot-ready” SMEs are encouraged to deploy more cobots, also in other types of application, and to train more of their staff to operate and program cobots. “Innovator” SMEs are taught how to optimize the way they use cobots and are introduced to tech suppliers, while “Front-runners” are matched with tech developers (and perhaps research calls) so that their end-user challenge can contribute to the future direction of the tech. Expected results: All our customers develop a deeper understanding of cobots and how to use them to best advantage, increasing their hands-on digital skills. They also gain better knowledge of funding opportunities and interact with the wider robot ecosystem. More cobots are deployed in various industrial sectors, including those where robot penetration is traditionally low. Mitigation of the shortage of skilled labour, reduction in workplace injuries, more reliable product quality, less waste. Relevance to the call: Increasing the robot awareness and skills of “beginners” will have great impact on the overall digital skills of European SMEs. Improving European productivity will reduce our reliance on foreign supply chains. Cobots are an accelerating market, so the EDIH network needs a node with a pure cobot focus.

Coordinator information

Contractual contact information

Nathalie Godthaab
+45 70 23 55 15

Operational contact information

Lars Kristensen
+45 30 43 22 55

Coordinator address

Munkebjergvænget 1
5230 Odense M

Coordinator Business name

Erhvervshus Fyn

Coordinator Legal name

Coordinator department

Project & Funding

Market and services


Artificial Intelligence & Decision support
Sensors & Vision Processing Systems


Manufacturing and processing
Public administration


Innovation management
Knowledge transfer
SME support
Technological innovation


Contact Name Role Country Address Business Name Legal Name Participant Type Website
Lars Kristensen Partner Denmark Erhvervshus Fyn Munkebjergvænget 1, 5230 Odense M, Denmark Erhvervshus Fyn PRC
Ulrik Hvidbjerg Nielsen Partner Denmark Gregersensvej 1, 2630 Taastrup, Denmark Teknologisk Institut REC
Søren Adamsen Mouritzen Partner Denmark Munkebjergvanget 1, 1., 5239 Odense m, Denmark Odense Robotics OTH
Rasmus Anker-Moeller Partner Denmark Torvegade 74, 6700 Esbjerg, Denmark SDEO OTH

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