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AI4PA Portugal – Artificial Intelligence & Data Science for Public Administration Portugal Innovation Hub

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The AI4PA_Portugal EDIH will be coordinated by the Portuguese Administrative Modernization Agency (AMA) and aims to support the digital transition of Public Administration by introducing the use of Artificial Intelligence & Data Science and other innovative technologies to increase the effectiveness of public policies and the quality of public services, as well as to empower central, regional and local Public Administration and SMEs that offer suitable digital solutions. In addition to promoting the training of Public Administration technicians, AI4PA_Portugal aims to encourage the adoption of open data and to involve citizens and companies. With operations focused across Portugal, the EDIH activities are aligned and designed to contribute to both European and national policies supporting the digital transformation of the economy and society. Moreover, AI4PA_Portugal will be taking advantage of the collaboration and networking opportunities with the EDIH Network members to share its portfolio of services, as well as the results and benefits illustrating its action at the regional level.

Coordinator information

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Claudia Barroso
+351 217231200

Operational contact information

Paulo Vale
+351 217231200

Coordinator address

Rua de Vila Flor 166
4810-453 Guimaraes

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Market and services


Artificial Intelligence & Decision support
Big data
Internet of Things


Δημόσια διοίκηση
'Έξυπνη πόλη


Public sector innovation
Regional development
Technological innovation
Vocational training


Contact Name Role Country Address Business Name Legal Name Participant Type Website
Jose Miguel Sales Dias Partner Portugal Avenida das forcas armadas, edificio iscte-iul, 1649-026 Lisboa, Portugal CVTT REC
- Affiliated Portugal Avenida das forcas armadas, 1649-026 Lisboa, Portugal Iscte HES
Miguel De Castro Neto Partner Portugal Campus de campolide, 1099-085 Lisboa, Portugal NOVA IMS HES
Luis Manso Partner Portugal Rua das taipas, nº1,, 1250-264 Lisboa, Portugal CoLABOR REC
Ricardo Paes Mamede Partner Portugal Av.das forças armadas, edifício sedas nunes, gab.2se2, 1649-026 Lisboa, Portugal IPPS OTH
- Affiliated Portugal Avenida das forcas armadas, 1649-026 Lisboa, Portugal Iscte HES
Jose Crespo De Carvalho Partner Portugal Avª das forças armadas, edifício iscte, 1600-189 Lisboa, Portugal INDEG PRC
- Affiliated Portugal Avenida das forcas armadas, 1649-026 Lisboa, Portugal Iscte HES
Nuno Rodrigues Partner Portugal Avenida 24 de julho, n.º 134, 1399-054 Lisboa, Portugal DGEEC PUB
Jose Luis Albuquerque Partner Portugal Praça de londres, n.º 2 - 5.º, 1049-056 Lisboa, Portugal GEP/MTSSS PUB
Basilio Horta Partner Portugal Largo dr. virgílio horta, 2714-501 Sintra, Portugal CMS PUB
Benvinda Catarino Partner Portugal Praca das industrias, 1300-307 Lisboa, Portugal AIP OTH
Paula Hespanhol Partner Portugal Largos dos loios 80, 4050-338 Porto, Portugal ANPME PRC
Olga Figueiredo Partner Portugal Rua capitão mário pimentel, 17 b, 2710-589 Sintra, Portugal AESintra PRC
Antonio Feijao Partner Portugal Lagoas park edificio 12, 2740-269 Porto salvo, Portugal CISCO PRC
Ricardo Goncalves Partner Portugal Campus da caparica quinta da torre, 2829-516 Caparica, Portugal UNINOVA REC
Jose Barbosa Partner Portugal Edificio brigantia ecopark avenida cidade de leon n506, 5300-358 Braganca, Portugal MORE REC
Jorge Lourenco Partner Portugal Praça da república, 3514-501 Viseu, Portugal CMV PUB
Paulo Simoes Partner Portugal Avenida general pedro cardoso 9, 2500-922 Caldas da rainha, Portugal OCIM PUB
Rui Sabino Partner Portugal Rua das vigias 2 1 a, 1990-506 Lisboa, Portugal ESRI PRC
Pedro Castro Partner Portugal Rua dr afonso cordeiro 877 sala 204, 4450-007 Matosinhos, Portugal MENTOR PRC
Pedro Sebastiao Partner Portugal Avenida das forças armadas, edifício iscte, 1649-026 Lisbon, Portugal AUDAX PRC
- Affiliated Portugal Avenida das forcas armadas, 1649-026 Lisboa, Portugal Iscte HES
Maria Lurdes Carvalho Partner Portugal Praca da liberdade 2, 8000-164 Faro, Portugal CCDR Algarve PUB