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European Digital Innovation Hubs Network

Networking the Networks


Publication date
29 June 2023


The primary aim of the Networking the Networks Working Group is to forge practical cooperation guidelines among EDIHs, EEN, and Clusters, with a vision of seamlessly catering to the needs of European SMEs. This working group ventured into diverse domains, drawing inspiration from a multitude of networks, focusing on the following key areas:

  • Test before invest
  • Skills and trainings
  • Support to find investment
  • Innovation ecosystem and networking

By identifying and replicating successful models of cooperation and implementing effective approaches, the results of the Working Group will help boosting the digitalisation of the European economy by streamlining success cases across Europe. 

To learn about cooperation’s best practices at Network level and how to replicate them in your EDIH please download below the “Cooperation guidelines for a seamless digitalization support to European SME” published in November 2023 as a result of the work carried out in this WG.

If you have a cooperation example between your EDIH and EEN and/or Clusters at local level and you want to share it, please send an email at with an overview of your success case, including the partners involved in the different networks and a short description.


Cooperation guidelines for a seamless digitalization support to European SME
(2.13 MB - PDF)