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News article8 May 2023

New tool for reporting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) now available to EDIHs

DG CNECT and the DTA Team are proud to announce the release of the newly developed Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting tool for EDIHs. Now available on the EDIH Network portal, it will support hubs in collecting and analysing data more easily and efficiently.

During the online presentation held on 4 May 2023, participants were introduced to the tool’s data entry and reporting functions. The webinar also outlined the requirements of the Digital Europe Programme, whereby it is mandatory for each EDIH to submit their KPIs. The data collected will help to monitor the individual progress of EDIHs and to evaluate the overall performance of the EDIH Network.

The KPI reporting tool registers four main types of data.

  • EDIH service delivery: lists in detail the services offered by an EDIH per customer.
  • EDIH events: offers simplified reporting of larger-scale events organised by an EDIH.
  • Collaborations: records collaborations with other EDIHs and/or stakeholders.
  • Expected service delivery allocation: tracks the projected allocation of services per type of customer and category.

The tool is ready to use and easily accessible to logged-in EDIHs and Seal of Excellence hubs, under the “My EDIH” section.

For more information, visit the event page of the Webinar on how to report KPIs.


Publication date
8 May 2023