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European Digital Innovation Hubs Network


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Abruzzo, Apulia, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Molise, Sardinia, Sicily


The MicroCyber EDIH aims at establishing a set of services and infrastructures focusing on cybersecurity, to be offered to Micro and Small, and enterprises (MSE) in the South of Italy while also supporting public entities – both local and central – in understanding their cybersecurity needs.

MSEs in the South of Italy need to improve their cybersecurity awareness and preparedness, as a key enabler for operating and thriving in the digital economy. Still, these MSEs are often unable to face the costs for accessing resources needed to improve their cyber-preparedness and are not able to find training and capacity building programs tailored to their needs and resources availability.

To respond to these needs, MicroCyber offers a diversified set of services devoted to its target groups, including assessment of digital and cyber maturity and relevant needs, cyber-range activities to explore and test cybersecurity scenarios and solutions, personalised skills and training activities, networking, also via the involvement in ecosystems and events, as well as support services to access microfinance tools and other financial resources, which the MicroCyber EDIH is perfectly positioned to deliver leveraging the unique expertise of its Coordinator, Ente Nazionale per il Microcredito (ENM).

At the same time, the MicroCyber can build on the unique combination of expertise available within its consortium, with public entities, universities, large SMEs associations, research consortia, private consultancy companies, all equally committed to deliver the highest quality in services, while offering networking and collaboration with the best digital expertises in Europe, via other EDIHs, the Digital Transformation Accelerator, and a variety of other networks in the digital domain available at the local and national level.

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Giovanni Nicola Pes

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Federica Mazzoni

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Via vittoria colonna 1
00193 Roma RM

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Deputy Secretariat-General / Planning and Research Department

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Internet Services & Applications


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Dezvoltare locală plasată sub responsabilitatea comunității
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Comerț cu amănuntul, cu ridicata sau distribuție


SME support
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Technological innovation
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Contact Name Role Country Address Business Name Legal Name Participant Type Website
Francesco Brocato Partner Italy Via tortona n.25, 20144 Milano, Italy DELOITTE CONSULTING SRL PRC
Federico Del Bianchi Partner Italy Via tortona 25, 20144 Milano, Italy Deloitte Risk Advisory Srl PRC
Giorgio Giacinto Partner Italy Via ariosto 25, 00185 Roma, Italy CINI HES
Antonio Esposito Partner Italy Viale abramo lincoln 5, 81100 Caserta, Italy UNIVERSITA DEGLI STUDI DELLA CAMPANIA LUIGI VANVITELLI HES
Valeria Troya Partner Italy Piazza umberto pilozzi snc palazzo, 00038 Valmontone ro, Italy CIRPS REC
Lorenzo Strocco Partner Italy Via tortona 25, 20144 Milano, Italy OFFICINE INNOVAZIONE PRC
Isabella Condino Partner Italy Via della colonna antonina 52, 00186 Roma, Italy CONFAPI OTH
Rodolfo De Laurentiis Partner Italy Via dell'industria ex-acron snc, loc. bazzano, 67100 L'aquila, Italy Digiform srl PRC