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Elbfabrik of the Fraunhofer IFF

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Elbfabrik of the Fraunhofer IFF


The mission of the VDTC is to explore and promote the role of human operators in an ever-increasing digitized and automated production and work environment. Following an approach coined as “Digital Engineering and Operation”, the VDTC postulates the consistent and consequent use of digital data throughout the life cycle of a production and/or work system. Being able to fully retain and exploit data from and within all steps in the life cycle, from design, to testing, documentation, factory planning, training, operation to dismantling, offers the opportunity to radically change human machine interaction. The VDTC offers solutions for embedding human operators in a digitized and automated environment by providing assistance systems, which fully benefit from a virtual knowledge base established through the approach of digital engineering and operation.

Within this mission, the VDTC offers its services to companies of varying sizes from SME and Mid-Caps to large companies and international corporations. The VDTC’s solutions, moreover, provide for different customized approaches addressing companies on different innovation stages, from awareness raising and maturity level identification for newcomers to digitization, to insular solutions and services for starter companies, to full systems solutions for advanced companies.

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Blobner Christian
+49 391 4090 371

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Blobner Christian
+49 391 4090 371

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Joseph-von-fraunhofer str., 1

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