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HEALTH HUB - Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Industry Transformation through Artificial Intelligence Digital Services

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Sustainable digital societies are key in ensuring the long-term competitiveness of the EU economy. Digital solutions which focus on people and provide innovative opportunities for companies, social and democratic development are needed to secure digital and green transition of the EU. Digital transformation is the only way for healthcare systems to become more citizen-friendly while simultaneously changing their operations, culture, and use of technology. Greece’s digital transformation performance has been improved but remains well below the EU average (ranked 27 out of 28). The majority of companies surveyed (by Foundation and EIT Digital) recognize the importance of digital transformation, as 90.2% have either initiated or intend to activate a digital transformation roadmap immediately. 

The candidate Health Hub aspires to lead the digital transformation of Greek SMEs, MidCaps, Public Sector Organisations. "Health Hub: Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Industry Transformation through Artificial Intelligence Digital Services" is a candidate EDIH based in Thessaly region. It represents a collaboration of 3 public bodies, 6 universities, 4 research institutions and organizations, 2 technology organizations, 3 healthcare providers and 6 business support organizations. In addition to Thessaly, Health Hub will also have antennas in 6 regions across Greece: Ionian Islands, Aegean, Western Greece, Attica, Central Macedonia and Crete, through which it will deliver digital transformation services to SMEs and public organizations of the health and pharma sector using AI technologies. Health Hub guarantees that health companies and public administration have access to know-how, training, technologies, infrastructure, and laboratories to improve and accelerate their digitalization. Health Hub will reach out to more than 2,000 beneficiaries and support the digital transformation of at least 160 by providing a complete set of services.

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0030 2410626943

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Maria Pournari
0030 2410626943

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Valtetsiou and Tripoleos
41336 Larissa

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Artificial Intelligence & Decision support
Communication network
Virtual Reality


Sağlık hizmeti
Yaşam Bilimleri


Ecosystem building
Innovation management
Knowledge transfer
Public sector innovation
Regional development
Sme Business Development
SME support
Technological innovation


Contact Name Role Country Address Business Name Legal Name Participant Type Website
- Affiliated Greece Valtetsiou & spartis, 413 36 Larisa, Greece PYTHEIA PRC
- Affiliated Greece Valtetsiou & spartis str, 413 36 Larissa, Greece JOIST PRC
Flora Bacopoulou Partner Greece Mesogion 284 cholargos, 15562 Athina, Greece NATIONAL ORGANISMOS FARMAKON PUB
Panagiotis Vlamos Partner Greece Ioannou theotoki 72, 49100 Corfu, Greece IURC HES
Angeliki Veneti Partner Greece Koumoundourou & papanastasiou, 411 10 Larissa, Greece Region of Thessaly PUB
Charalambos Billinis Partner Greece Argonafton filellinon, 38221 Volos, Greece UNIVERSITY OF THESSALY - UTH HES
Chryssi Vitsilaki Partner Greece Lofos panepistimiou, 81100 Mytilini, Greece UNIVERSITY OF THE AEGEAN HES
Costas Demetzos Partner Greece 6 christou lada str, 10561 Athina, Greece NKUA HES
Dimitrios Vlachakis Partner Greece Iera odos 75, 11855 Athina, Greece AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY OF ATHENS HES
Konstantinos Moustakas Partner Greece University campus rio patras, 265 04 Rio patras, Greece UNIVERSITY OF PATRAS HES
Nektarios Tavernarakis Partner Greece N plastira str 100, 70013 Irakleio, Greece FOUNDATION FOR RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGYHELLAS REC
Niki Chondrogianni Partner Greece Vas konstantinou 48, 11635 Athina, Greece NATIONAL HELLENIC RESEARCH FOUNDATION EIE NHRF REC
George Chrousos Partner Greece 8 levadias street, 115 27 Athina, Greece UNIVERSITY RESEARCH INSTIT PRC
Emmanuel Velanis Partner Greece Soranou tou efesiou, 2, 115 27 Athens, Greece HYGIEIA SCENTIFIC & EDUCATIONAL CLUSTER PRC
Odisseas Raptis Partner Greece Kalampakas 28, 42131 Trikala, Greece E TRIKALA AE OTH
Eleni Kamateri Partner Greece Karamanli ave. & viomihania str, 414 48 Larisa, Greece ASSOCIATION OF THESSALIAN ENTERPRISES AND INDUSTRIES (STHEV) OTH
Vasileios Skylogiannis Partner Greece Kondyli 61 - 63, 421 32 Trikala, Greece COOPERATIVE BANK OF THESSALY PRC
Eirini Koukourava Partner Greece 8 km larissa - trikala, 41500 Larissa, Greece ANIMUS AE PRC
Dimitrios Tsakiridis Partner Greece Φαρσαλων 15α (farsalon 15a), 412 23 Λαρισα (larisa), Greece I KAI D TSAKIRIDIS OE PRC
Vasileios Koutsiouris Partner Greece 13, veranzerou str., 106 77 Athens, Greece KETEKNY OTH
Katerina Tzitzinou Partner Greece Plateia morihovou 1, 54625 Thessaloniki, Greece FEDERATION OF INDUSTRIES OF GREECE OTH
Giorgos Tzamtzis Partner Greece 8b chimarras str, 151 25 Maroussi, athens, Greece Ernst & Young Business Advisory Solutions PRC
Araksya Kantikyan Partner Greece 2a argyroupoleos street, 176 76 Kallithea, Greece INFO QUEST TECHNOLOGIES S.M.S.A. PRC
Christos Kaleas Partner Greece Sokratous 33, 421 31 Τρίκαλα, Greece HOME CARE Home Health Care & Examinations PRC
Olia Kalea Partner Greece Sokratous 27, 421 32 Trikala, Greece wecare PRC
- Associated Greece 48, vas. konstantinou avenue, 116 35 Athens, Greece NATIONAL DOCUMENTATION CENTER - EKT REC