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European Digital Innovation Hubs Network


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SharD-HUB – Sardinia Digital Innovation Hub


SharD-HUB, the EDIH to be set up in Sardinia, has been conceived to become a one-stop-shop to ensure access to digitalization services, top-level research infrastructures and a wide set of training and skills development and/or networking activities intended for both enterprises (especially MSMEs and SMEs) and Public Sector Organisations, addressing the three main technological areas envisaged by the call – High Performance Computing, Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence – for actively contributing to foster their digital transition, according to the Regional Smart Specialization Strategy. To achieve this goal a strong consortium comprising research centres, trade associations, incubators and top-player industries has been mobilised so as to offer to the hub’s clients the needed infrastructure and expertise to increase their digital and market maturity and to boost up the networking growth at national and international level along all the six areas identified by the Regional Smart Specialization Strategy (RIS3), namely, 1) ICT, 2) Tourism, culture and environment, 3) Smart networks for efficient energy management, 4) Agroindustry, 5) Biomedicine and 6) Aerospace): more specifically SharD-HUB will offer a very wide range of services, namely: A) Test before invest activities (through the mobilisation of 38 public and private laboratories); B) Support to find Investments; C) Innovation Ecosystems and Networking; D) Training and skills Development activities. SharD-HUB will thus be the turnkey for boosting the digital transformation of the Sardinian ecosystem and for increasing the economic competitiveness of the region at a European level. This wide variety of services has been designed to serve the ultimate goal to reduce the competitive disparity with other areas and be a “virtual” bridge from Sardinia to Europe.

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Marcella DALLA CIA

Operational contact information

Marcella DALLA CIA

Coordinator address

Via palabanda 9
09100 Cagliari CA

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Contact Name Role Country Address Business Name Legal Name Participant Type Website
Maria Grazia Nieddu Partner Italy Piazza universita 21, 07100 Sassari, Italy UNISS HES
Luigi Atzori Partner Italy Via universita 40, 09124 Cagliari, Italy UNICA HES http://WWW.UNICA.IT
Giuditta Lecca Partner Italy Localita piscina manna edificio 1, 09050 Pula cagliari, Italy CRS4 REC
Maurizio De Pascale Partner Italy Piazza deffenu 9, 09125 Cagliari, Italy Digital Innovation HUb Sardegna OTH
Alessia Bacchiddu Partner Italy Largo carlo felice 72, 09124 Cagliari, Italy Camera di Commercio Cagliari-Oristano PUB
Monica Cugia Partner Italy Via roma 74, 07100 Sassari, Italy CCIAA SS PUB
Alessandro Lutzu Partner Italy Via papandrea, 8, 09100 Nuoro (nu), Italy C.C.I.A.A. di Nuoro PUB
Sonia Orfei Partner Italy Viale diaz 29, 09125 Cagliari, Italy CONFINDUSTRIA SARDEGNA ASSOCIAZIONE OTH
Pietro Paolo Spada Partner Italy Via lanusei, 14, 09125 Cagliari, Italy Confartigianato Imprese Sud Sardegna OTH
Nicola Bianchi Partner Italy Piazza g.g. belli 2, 00153 Roma, Italy EDI.IT srl PRC
Paolo Dario Partner Italy Viale rinaldo piaggio 34, 56025 Pontedera, Italy ARTES 4.0 OTH
Diego Teloni Partner Italy Via san saturnino 7, 09124 Cagliari, Italy OPIFICIO INNOVA SRL PRC
Antonio Solinas Partner Italy Viale umberto 42, 07100 Sassari (ss), Italy ABINSULA SRL PRC
Tonina Roggio Partner Italy S.p. 55 porto conte-capo caccia km 8.4, 07041 Alghero, Italy PORTO CONTE RICERCHE SRL REC
Giovanni Virdis Partner Italy Zona industriale predda niedda nord strada 6, 07100 Sassari, Italy NUMERA SISTEMI E INFORMATICA SPA PRC
Katia Castano Partner Italy Via giulio vincenzo bona, 120, 00156 Roma, Italy Sferanet Srl PRC
Stefano Dessi Partner Italy Via rosazza n.26, 00153 Rome, Italy TELECO SRL PRC
Paolo Caocci Partner Italy Localita sa illetta ss 195 km 2300, 09100 Cagliari, Italy TISCALI PRC
Walter Matta Partner Italy Piazza monte grappa 4, 00195 Roma, Italy LEONARDO PRC