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European Digital Innovation Hubs Network


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Digital Innovation Hub for the Built Environment


DIGITALbuilt will provide digital capacitation, transformation, inclusion, digitalization, and financing advice for SMEs and Public Administration (PA) Entities in the construction, mineral resources, and railway sectors. It was designed to contribute to the twin transition of Construction and according with the European Commission strategy for the Digital Europe Programme. DIGITALbuilt is supported by four pillars: competence and skill creation; innovation ecosystem and networking; support to find investment; and providing test before investing services. It will allow, for instance, SMEs to acquire or access technologies across Europe, supporting the digital transition either in SMEs or in PA, to increase Europe’s global competitiveness, or even to minimize the blue-collar labour scarcity. This sectoral approach is by itself innovative as it is focused in providing an applied approach to Artificial Intelligence, High Performance Computing and Cybersecurity, considering their concrete applicability in construction-related challenges. DIGITALbuilt was also designed to provide digital maturity assessments and suggest actions accordingly. These assessments will allow to be more efficient in assuring that the provided services are adapted to the needs of the SMEs or the PA. DIGITALbuilt is led by the Portuguese Construction Cluster together with the Mineral Resources and Railway Clusters that will assure, together, its coordination and the connection to the government and the most relevant networks. Several RTO partners, working closely and respectively with each Cluster will provide the several services that the DIGITALbuilt’s one-stop-shop has to offer. A member of the EEN consortia will provide the connection to a seamless service within local and regional ecosystems and will assume incubation services in coordination with Startup Europe. Two other companies will provide financial and market feasibility studies, support in finding investment and business consulting.

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Rita Moura

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Rita Moura

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Rua alvares cabral 306
4050-040 Porto

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Contact Name Role Country Address Business Name Legal Name Participant Type Website
Michael Brett Partner Portugal Rua pedro hispano, 3030-289 Coimbra, Portugal ITeCons REC
Marta Peres Partner Portugal Praca luis de camoes n 38, 7100-512 Estremoz, Portugal ACPMR - ASSOCIACAO CLUSTER PORTUGAL MINERAL RESOURCES OTH
Isabel Conceicao Partner Portugal Mira center- módulos 203-205, rua do matadouro, valeirinha, 3070-436 Mira, Portugal FNWAY-CONSULTING, LDA PRC
Paulo Reis Partner Portugal Rua da alfândega, nº 108, 1º esq, 1100-016 Lisboa, Portugal F. Iniciativas PT PRC
Paulo Duarte Partner Portugal R dr deniz jacinto 270, 4350-059 Porto, Portugal PFP OTH
Luisa Bento Partner Portugal Rua casal dos ossos, edifício multiusos, 2715-083 Lisboa, Portugal StoneCITI REC
Paulo Fonseca Partner Portugal Rua de álvares cabral, 306, 4050-040 Porto, Portugal BUILT CoLAB HES
Filipe Joel Soares Partner Portugal Rua dr roberto frias campus da feup, 4200-465 Porto, Portugal INESC TEC REC
Luis Ferreira Partner Portugal Parque oficinal de guifões, rua do ferroviário, 4460-020 Guifões, Portugal CCF REC