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Center for Innovative Healthcare

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Project Center for Innovative Healthcare (EDIH) is a one-stop-shop EDIH with a mission to accelerate digitalization and innovation in Slovakia. EDIH will improve the healthcare system, a crucial sector with potential for large-scale deployment of proposed solutions. The establishment of the Center will increase excellence and trust in health-related technologies and lead to more precise diagnosis, better prevention of diseases, and more effective treatments. The fact is that universal solutions cannot reach excellence. Therefore, our EDIH focuses on one substantial area – healthcare. EDIH’s services cover cutting-edge technologies such as cybersecurity, high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI), telemedicine, the Internet of Things (IoT), or robotics. Our services are designed to meet better the needs healthcare industry covering key service areas (1) Test before invest. (2) Skills and training, (3) Support to find investment, (4) Innovation ecosystem and networking, and (5) Support to the public sector. To execute these services, EDIH offers an excellent portfolio of advanced digital technologies and open access to cutting-edge testing facilities. The strong consortium consists of eleven members and two affiliated partners and offers expertise in all critical areas of innovation and digital transformation, including reaching the target groups. At the core of the EDIH, the two most prestigious universities provide expertise and access to labs together with affiliated partners. Moreover, there are 13 associated partners: Slovakia’s Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defence, etc. EDIH will significantly impact healthcare in Slovakia, potentially spilling over across Europe. At least 450 organizations will benefit from a considerable increase in their Digital Maturity index. Project estimates to trigger a minimum of €6 mil. of additional investment and increase market maturity of involved start-ups.

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Dagmar Vaklavikova
+421 949 411 878

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Tatiana Pekarcikova
+421 949 411 878

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Dunajská 25
81108 Bratislava

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Market and services


BI tools
Artificial Intelligence & Decision support
Communication network
Internet of Things


Охорона здоров'я


Innovation management
Public sector innovation
Sme Business Development
SME support
Technological innovation


Contact Name Role Country Address Business Name Legal Name Participant Type Website
Samuel Arbe Partner Slovakia Dunajská 25, 811 08 Bratislava, Slovakia CIH REC
Peter Musil Partner Slovakia Safarikovo nam 6, 814 99 Bratislava, Slovakia CU HES
- Affiliated Slovakia Srobarova 2, 04180 Kosice, Slovakia UPJS HES
Martin Donoval Partner Slovakia Vazovova 5, 81243 Bratislava, Slovakia SLOVAK UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY IN BRATISLAVA - STU HES
- Affiliated Slovakia Dubravska cesta 9, 845 35 Bratislava, Slovakia CENTRE OF OPERATIONS OF THE SLOVAK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES REC
Allan Bohm Partner Slovakia Medena 18, 811 02 Bratislava, Slovakia ACADEMY OTH
Viera Bordoy Partner Slovakia Vazovova 2757/5, 811 07 Bratislava, Slovakia Centrum pre umelú inteligenciu - AIslovakIA OTH
Claudia Tran Partner Slovakia Staromestská 3, 811 03 Bratislava, Slovakia Crowdberry PRC
Miroslav Beblavy Partner Slovakia Kopernikova 47, 821 04 Bratislava, Slovakia ESPRI REC
Eva Medvecova Partner Slovakia Einsteinova 3692/21, 851 01 Bratislava, Slovakia PERRY TALENTS OTH
Michal Matus Partner Slovakia Gorkého 12, 811 01 Bratislava, Slovakia BC Angels PRC
Roman Cmelik Partner Slovakia Planét 5, 821 09 Bratislava, Slovakia Limerock Advisory PRC
Mario Minarovsky Partner Slovakia Bernolákova 7821/2, 917 01 Trnava, Slovakia CREDIBILIS PRC
- Associated Slovakia Limbova 2, 83752 Bratislava, Slovakia MINISTERSTVO ZDRAVOTNICTVA SLOVENSKEJ REPUBLIKY PUB
- Associated Slovakia Jána hollého 5898/14, 081 81 Prešov, Slovakia Fakultná nemocnica s poliklinikou J. A. Reimana Presov PUB
- Associated Slovakia Námestie ludvika svobodu 3865/1, 975 17 Banská bystrica, Slovakia Fakultná nemocnica s poliklinikou F. D. Roosevelta PUB
- Associated Slovakia Námestie l. svobodu 6818/4, 974 09 Banská bystrica, Slovakia Detská fakultná nemocnica s poliklinikou Banská Bystrica PUB
- Associated Slovakia Rastislavova 43, 041 91 Košice, Slovakia VOÚ a.s. PUB
- Associated Slovakia Cesta k nemocnici 1, 974 01 Banská bystrica, Slovakia Stredoslovenský ústav srdcových a cievnych chorôb, a.s. REC
- Associated Slovakia Kollárova 2, 036 59 Martin, Slovakia University Hospital Martin HES
- Associated Slovakia Bezručova 9, 81109 Bratslava, Slovakia ZMOS OTH
- Associated Slovakia Budatinska 30, 850 07 Bratislava, Slovakia NATIONALSECURITY AUTHORITY NBU PUB
- Associated Slovakia Na druzstvo 125, 916 25 Brunovce, Slovakia Cyber Security Competence and Certification Centre PUB
- Associated Slovakia Lamacska cesta 8 a, 811 04 Bratislava, Slovakia CVTISR PUB
- Associated Slovakia Cukrová 2272/14, 811 01 Bratislava, Slovakia NIE RAKOVINE o.z. PRC
- Associated Slovakia Kutuzovova 258/8, 832 47 Bratislava, Slovakia Ministerstvo obrany Slovenskej republiky PUB