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Catalonia Digital Innovation Hub (DIH4CAT)

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DIH4CAT targets Catalan SMEs (with a special focus on manufacturing companies and technology providers), technology start-ups, and public administrations. Catalonia has a strong industrial base, with 35,339 companies (99% SMEs) which represent 18,1% of Spanish industrial enterprises. Data from 2019 shows that only 16% of those companies had adopted advanced digital technologies. Additionally, Catalonia counts more than 1,700 start-ups, (66% of Industry 4.0), facing challenges such as access to technology infrastructure, time to market and investment. In this context the Digital Innovation Hub of Catalonia (DIH4CAT) is born, as a non-profit regional innovation ecosystem formed by the main agents supporting digitisation in Catalonia and connecting the main technology infrastructure of the region to make them available for SMEs, start-ups, and public administration, with the objective of accelerating technology transformation towards a more green and digital industry. The consortium is led by the Government of Catalonia and composed of 7 technology partners (RTOs and university) leading the 7 technology areas (AI, HPC, Cybersecurity, Robotics, Photonics, 3D Printing and Connectivity), 1 business school, 2 employer’s industrial associations. It is complemented with 19 Associated Partners so far which include, among others, private companies contributing with infrastructure and know-how. DIH4CAT has a clear focus on test before invest services but complements its offer with services related to innovation, ecosystem, digital skills, access to finance and business. The Consortium has also a very well-defined collaboration strategy at an international level, developed through the presence in most relevant European networks, participation in more than 50 previous relevant projects, 5 MoUs specifically developed for this call, to develop common infrastructures/services, and seamless collaboration with EEN (Catalan node is also coordinated by ACCIÓ).

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Sandra Perez
+34 93 484 72 83

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Sandra Perez
+34 93 484 72 83

Coordinator address

Passeig de gracia 129
08008 Barcelona Barcelona

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Coordinator department

Industry 4.0 unit

Market and services


Additive manufacturing
Artificial Intelligence & Decision support
High performance computing
Big data
Internet of Things
Virtual Reality
Internet Services & Applications
Digital twins


Contact Name Role Country Address Business Name Legal Name Participant Type Website
Alex Rostoll Partner Spain Calle de salvador espriu 45-51, poligono pedrosa, 08908 L'hospitalet de llobregat, Spain CTTI PUB
Maria Jose Sedo Partner Spain Avenida universitat autonoma 23, 08290 Cerdanyola del valles (barcelona), Spain EURECAT REC
Xavier Llopis Partner Spain Campus uab edifici o, 08193 Bellaterra cerdanyola del valles, Spain CVC-CERCA REC
Eunice Ribeiro Partner Spain Calle gran capita 2-4, edifici nexus i, 08034 Barcelona, Spain I2CAT REC
Luis Romeral Partner Spain Calle jordi girona 31, 08034 Barcelona, Spain UPC HES
Sergi Girona Partner Spain Calle jordi girona 31, 08034 Barcelona, Spain BSC CNS REC
Lluis Torner Partner Spain Avinguda carl friedrich gauss 3, 08860 Castelldefels, Spain ICFO REC
Amro Satti Partner Spain Carrer de la innovacio 2, 08225 Terrassa, Spain LEITAT REC
Maria Mora Partner Spain Via layetana 32, 08003 Barcelona, Spain FTN PRC
Andreu Bru Partner Spain Calle viladomat 174, 08015 Barcelona, Spain PIMEC OTH
Josemaria Siota Partner Spain Av. Pearson, 21, 08034 Barcelona, Spain IESE Business School HES
- Associated Spain Rambla sant nebridi 10, 08012 Terrassa, Spain SECPhO OTH
- Associated Spain Calle del gran capita 2 nexus building, 03034 Barcelona, Spain CSUC PUB
- Associated Spain C gran capitan, edifici c1, campus nord upc sn, 08034 Barcelona, Spain CIMNE-CERCA REC
- Associated Spain Carrer de escorxador, 43003 Tarragona, Spain URV HES
- Associated Spain Campus de bellaterra - universidad autonoma de barcelona, 08193 Cerdanyola del valles, Spain IFAE-CERCA REC
- Associated Germany Speyerer straße 4, 69115 Heidelberg, Germany BASF 3D Printing Solutions GmbH PRC
- Associated Germany bunsenstrasse 9c, 37073 Goettingen, Germany ATG PRC
- Associated RENISHAW PRC
- Associated Spain Placa de pau vila 1 sector c 2nd, 08039 Barcelona, Spain MWCB OTH
- Associated Spain Paseo del club deportivo, 1 edif.8, 28223 Madrid, Spain Orange PRC
- Associated Spain Avda. diagonal, edifici imagina planta 12 177-183, 08018 Barcelona, Spain MEDIAPRODUCCION PRC http://WWW.MEDIAPRO.ES
- Associated Spain Placa de la merce, 10-12, 08002 Barcelona, Spain UPF HES
- Associated Spain Placa sant domenec 3, 17004 Girona, Spain UNIVERSITAT DE GIRONA HES
- Associated Spain Calle serrano 117, 28006 Madrid, Spain CSIC REC
- Associated Spain Gran via de les corts catalanes 585, 08007 Barcelona, Spain UB HES
- Associated Spain Cami de valls 81-87, 43204 Reus, Spain CESICAT OTH
- Associated Spain Paseo club deportivo, parque empresarial la finca, 1 edificio 1, 28223 Pozuelo de alarcón, Spain Microsoft PRC
- Associated Spain Camino fuente de la mora 1, 28050 Madrid, Spain NTT DATA SPAIN, S.L.U. PRC
- Associated Spain Av. diagonal 427 bis 4º, 08036 Barcelona, Spain SDG Group España PRC