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InnDIH - Valencia Region Digital Innovation Hub

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InnDIH is the Valencian Region European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) which represents the centralized public-private initiative in the region for the digitization of SMEs and public administration and boost the economic development of the Valencian Region. InnDIH represents the alliance among the business ecosystem, universities, technology and research centres, biotechnology-health research institutes and public administrations, focusing on Artificial Intelligence (AI), as well as other technologies such as HPC, Cybersecurity, Big Data and Robotics, covering mainly Advanced Manufacturing and Quality of life & Health sector, vey in line with the Valencian S3 strategy.

InnDIH’s strength is based on the infrastructures for experimentation and the technological, business and access to finance knowledge of the partners of a consortium led by ITI, in combination with a solid experience and connections at the European level, conforming a complete and complementary ecosystem for the provision of high value digitalization services to SMEs and Public Administrations (PAs) for technology uptake, support and definition of new business models, organized in 4 blocks: Test before invest, Training and skills, Support to find investments and Innovation ecosystem and networking. This set of services is based on demonstration, enabling and experimentation infrastructures and it is adapted to the needs of the territory, and thanks to the support received from the European Commission, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, and the Valencian Region Government, the companies receiving them do not have to pay anything.

Project activities and results will be actively disseminated by the consortium, collaborating with Digital Transformation Accelerator (DTA) and other EU networks, organizing events and meetings at EU and regional level with stakeholders, policy-makers, EEN, etc. InnDIH portfolio of services will be reinforced by the links with the EDIH network, solving other users’ technology needs, starting from the 26 corridors already set (6 individual ones, 20 from EuHubs4Data). In a nutshell, InnDIH grows in a rich ecosystem, following the EU’s objective to attain industrial and social wealth through the green and digital transition. Its participation as an EDIH in the DIGITAL programme is a key element to boost digitalization in the Valencia region.

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+34 96 115 58 09

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+34 96 115 58 09

Coordinator address

C. Nicolás Copérnico, 7
46980 Paterna Valencia

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Market and services


Artificial Intelligence & Decision support
Big data
Cyber-physical systems
Digital twins
Human computer interaction
Internet of Things
High performance computing
Sensors & Vision Processing Systems
Virtual Reality
Additive manufacturing


Agricultural biotechnology and food biotechnology
Health care
Manufacturing and processing
Travel and tourism


Knowledge transfer
Public sector innovation
Sme Business Development
SME support
Technological innovation
Technology transfer
Vocational training


Contact Name Role Country Address Business Name Legal Name Participant Type Website
Jose Enrique Garcia-Navarro Partner Spain Calle serrano 117, 28006 Madrid, Spain CSIC REC
Salud Embuena Partner Spain Plaza alfonso el magnanimo 12, 46003 Valencia, Spain CCCV PUB
- Affiliated Spain Plaza ruperto chapi, 03001 Alicante, Spain CAMARA OFICIAL DE COMERCIO, INDUSTRIA , SERVICIOS Y NAVEGACION DE ALICANTE OTH
- Affiliated Spain Calle poeta querol 15, 46002 Valencia, Spain CAMARA VALENCIA PUB
- Affiliated Spain Avenida hermanos bou 79, 12003 Castellón, Spain CCINC PUB
Oscar David Sanchez-Jimenez Partner Spain Avenida leonardo da vinci, 48, parque tecnológico, 46980 Paterna (valencia), Spain INNDROMEDA OTH
- Affiliated Spain Plaza conde de carlet, 3, 46003 Valencia, Spain Asociación de Empresas de Consultoria Terciario Avanzado Comunidad Valenciana OTH
- Affiliated Spain Calle els telers p i el pla 20, 46870 Ontinyent, Spain ATEVAL OTH
- Affiliated Spain Avenida blasco ibanez 127, 46022 Valencia, Spain FEMEVAL OTH
- Affiliated Spain Calle micer masco 31, 46010 Valencia, Spain FISABIO REC
- Affiliated Spain Av fernando abril martorell 106, 46026 Valencia, Spain HULAFE REC
- Affiliated Spain Av menendez pelayo 4, 46010 Valencia, Spain INCLIVA REC
Pilar Dura Partner Spain Camino de vera vicerrectorado de i d i universidad politecnica de valencia, 46022 Valencia, Spain RUVID REC
- Affiliated Spain Campus de san vicente raspeig, 03690 Alicante, Spain UNIVERSIDAD DE ALICANTE HES
- Affiliated Spain Avenida vicent sos baynat s/n, 12006 Castellon de la plana, Spain UJI HES
- Affiliated Spain Avenida de la universidad s-n, 03202 Elche, Spain UMH HES
Francisco Blanes Partner Spain Camino de vera sn edificio 3a, 46022 Valencia, Spain UPV HES
Vicente Blanes Partner Spain Plaza emilio sala 1, 03801 Alcoy alicante, Spain AITEX REC
Elisa Amparo Del Rio Peris Partner Spain Plaza conde de carlet, num.6, 46003 Valencia, Spain CEV OTH
Francisco Estevan Vitores Partner Spain marina baixa 2, 46015 Valencia, Spain INNEUROPE PRC
Juan Lopez Partner Spain Camino de vera edificio 9c universidad politecnica de valencia, 46022 Valencia, Spain IBV REC
Gonzalo Belenguer Muncharaz Partner Spain Avenida leonardo da vinci 48 - parque tecnologico de paterna, 46980 Paterna, Spain REDIT OTH
- Affiliated Spain Calle benjamin franklin 5-11 valencia parc tecnologic, 46980 Paterna valencia, Spain ASOCIACION DE INVESTIGACION DE LA INDUSTRIA AGROALIMENTARIA REC
- Affiliated Spain Valencia parc technologic calle gustave eiffel 4, 46980 Paterna valencia, Spain AIMPLAS - ASOCIACION DE INVESTIGACION DE MATERIALES PLASTICOS Y CONEXAS REC
- Affiliated Spain Campus universitario riu sec, 12006 Castellon, Spain ASOCIACION DE INVESTIGACION DE LASINDUSTRIAS CERAMICAS AICE REC
- Affiliated Spain Avda juan de la cierva 24, 46022 Paterna, Spain ITE REC
- Affiliated Spain Avenida de la industria 23, 03440 Ibi (alicante), Spain AIJU REC
- Affiliated Spain Calle albert einstein 1 parque tecnologico de valencia, 46980 Paterna, Spain INSTITUTO TECNOLOGICO DEL EMBALAJE, TRANSPORTE Y LOGISTICA REC
- Affiliated Spain Calle leonardo da vinci 38 parque tecnologico, 46980 Paterna valencia, Spain AIDIMME REC http://WWW.AIDIMME.ES
Maria Dolores Real Partner Spain Avenida blasco ibanez 13, 46010 Valencia, Spain UVEG HES
- Associated Spain Rambla méndez núñez, 41 piso 13. alicante, 03002 Alicante, Spain Agència Valenciana de la Innovació PUB
- Associated Spain Calle de la democracia 77, 46018 Valencia, Spain IVACE PUB