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Luxembourg Digital Innovation Hub

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L-DIH is the nation-wide EDIH for Luxembourg (LU). L-DIH focuses on the Manufacturing sector, including logistics. Technologically, we will focus mainly on HPC and Cybersecurity to become a EU EDIH lighthouse in the 2. As one-stop-shop for digital transformation, we will also support the digital transformation endeavours for any technologies (AI, 5G, IoT, robotics...). Our consortium consists of 5 key partners in the LU ecosystem (the national innovation agency, 1 RTO, 1 university and 2 competence centres), 3 associated partners, working closely with 2 national ministries (economy and communication). L-DIH expands on the existing mature innovation ecosystem by deploying 18 new digital transformation services. These services were carefully designed to on one hand integrate L-DIH in the LU ecosystem and leverage the existing services, and on the second hand bridge with the EU digital initiatives. With the consortium, L-DIH bridges with the HPC and Cybersecurity national competence centres to seamlessly leverage the EU efforts in both. We will work according to a structured funnel approach from Inform > Inspire > Engage declined in the 4 EDIH pillars. In stage 1, Inform, we show digitalization opportunities and benefit. In stage 2, Inspire, we work with small groups of common interest SMEs, In stage 3, Engage, we work directly with the SME in a customized digital transformation roadmap. Over 3 years, we will inform more than 250 SMEs multiple time, inspire 125 multiple times and engage at least 72 SMEs. We will self-assess our services and methodologies, along with the continuous market and ecosystem evolutions. We will draw expect to discover which best practices which will be exchanged with the EDIH network. As a member of the EDIH network, we establish a cross-border cooperation with the EDIH from the Greater Region (BE, FR, DE) and we will establish more than 15 corridors. We will bridge heavily with the DTA to become a vibrant member of the EDIH network.

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Benjamin Questier
+352 43 62 63 642

Operational contact information

Joachim​​​​ Clemens‑Stolbrink
+352 43 62 63 ‑ 668

Coordinator address

5 avenue des hauts fourneaux
4362 Esch sur alzette

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Digital Transformation Department

Market and services


High performance computing
Artificial Intelligence & Decision support


Manufacturing and processing


Ecosystem building
Field trial
Innovation management
SME support
Vocational training


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Arnaud Lambert Partner Luxinnovation

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