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Innovation Procurement for European Digital Innovation Hubs

Public procurement is an important driver for the digital transformation of public sector organisations and enterprises. As European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIH) are a bridge between public sector organisations and innovators, they are well placed to catalyse innovation procurement in their area. Many EDIHs aim to accelerate the adoption of innovative digital solutions and stimulate also public sector innovation, but are still unaware about how innovation procurement could help them achieve those goals.  

This webinar will introduce innovation procurement and explain how the European Assistance For Innovation Procurement ( can help EDIHs harness it to speed up digital transformation.  Concrete examples of EDIHs that are already planning innovation procurement activities and lessons learned from successful innovation procurements will be presented. The webinar will also provide the opportunity for EDIHs to discuss which could be interesting innovation procurement activities to develop and how to collaborate with other EDIHs on innovation procurement.

Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions before and during the webinar.

Here is the draft agenda of the workshop:


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