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This webinar was hosted by Ms. Malgorzata Nikowska, Head of Unit for the Digital Transformation of Industrial Ecosystems (DG CNECT - A4), in collaboration with the DTA team. Participants gained valuable insights into the status of the EDIH Network and upcoming milestones. Later that day, they also had the opportunity to participate in a virtual matchmaking session. 

The recording of the session is accessible here

The presentation slides are available for download here

Meeting Agenda

10:00-10.05:       Welcome – Gosia Nikowska, CNECT A4 

10:05-10:20:       Review process (How it will work, how to prepare, KPI reporting) with Q&A – Sandro D’Elia, CNECT A4 and Notis Pikros, DTA 

10:20-10:25:       Enlargement of the EDIH Network: Status of Associated Countries call – Helena Rodrigues, CNECT A4 

10:25-10:50:       New functionalities on the Website with Q&A 

  • Merit badges (Introduction to the concept and rationale) – Heidi Cigan, CNECT A4 and Marie Bourdon, DTA 
  • Update on the Digital Speed Test – Giulia Carsaniga, CNECT A4 and Notis Pikros, DTA 

10:50-11:25:       Thematic Working group updates with Q&A 

  • Introduction – Gaspard Demur, CNECT A4 
  • Data in manufacturing – Óscar Lázaro, CIDIHUB 
  • AI in public sector – Giovanna Galasso, ARTES 5.0 
  • Sustainability – Ludwig De Locht, 
  • Health – Jaakko Aarnio, CNECT A4 
  • How other groups can be created – Gaspard Demur, CNECT A4 and Marie Bourdon, DTA 

11:25-11:30:       Networking the Networks Guidelines: Status update – Gaspard Demur, CNECT A4 + DG Grow 

11:30-11:40:       Introduction to the afternoon matchmaking session – David Vidal, DTA 

Closing and AOB 

14:00-16:00:       Matchmaking session (online)

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