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Overview — Digital Maturity Assessment (DMA)


Publication date
8 March 2023


This section contains supporting material related to the Digital Maturity Assessment (DMA). 

For more information on the DMA framework, please see the "DMA Framework Guidelines for EDIH" document below. This document provides an overview of the Digital Maturity Assessment (DMA) Framework, presenting e.g., its rationale, the modules of the questionnaires for SMEs and PSOs and the evaluation criteria - scoring rules.

For questions related to the DMA, please refer to the "DMA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)" document below. This document provides a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) relating to the Digital Maturity Assessment (DMA) Framework and online Tool. The list of questions and answers is preliminary and the document will be continuously updated throughout the course of the project.

Recordings of previously held DMA Workshops and Webinars: 


A Deep Dive into the DMA Tool  - 16th February 2023 

A deep dive into the DMA Tool | European Digital Innovation Hubs Network (


European Week of Regions and Cities - 11th October 2022

Implementing the network of European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs) in EU regions | European Week of Regions and Cities (


DMA Workshop - 12th January 2022

Webinar on the Digital Maturity Assessment tool | Shaping Europe’s digital future (


DMA Framework Guidelines for EDIHs
(1.65 MB - PDF)
DMA FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
(371.6 KB - PDF)

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