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Secure Digital Transformation of Public Administrations - EDIH4DT


The EDIH4DT hub aims to promote and support a modern, and capillary digital transformation of Public Administrations (PAs), that is a strategic objective highly recommended by both EU and Italian National Government. The mission will be pursued providing a large and qualified set of services to drive PAs towards the familiarity and use of applications founded on: Artificial Intelligence, High Performance Computing, Communication Networks and IT Security. Services in Big Data, Cloud and other digital technologies will be also available. Both Processes, Data and Services for community, citizen and enterprise will be the target of the proposed PAs innovation. The target of the EDIH4DT is manly the local Public Administration. The Italy Digital Transformation is not possible without a pervasive digital transformation of Municipalities with their huge assets of data, documents and services for citizens, communities, and enterprises, that is, a valuable patrimonium that must be qualified also to meet objectives of new green deal. Then, the EDIH4DT will provides services to administrative process digitalization; dematerialisation of documents; connection to national digital platform, network and repositories; migration of legacy archives towards interoperable and open data; and diffusion of digital citizenship. The target is the national territory; with a main focus to southern Italy, where there is the major lack of digital innovation. There are six physical, and specialized access points in Torino, Rome, Campobasso, Bari, Benevento e Cosenza; and several nodes interconnected in the EDIH4DT network. The service provisioning will be ensured by a large and well-blended set of partners. It includes: qualified institutions in research, education, and technological transfer; existing network and echo-systems of local PAs (lead coordinator is ANCI, the National Association of the Italian Municipalities); a qualified set of innovation enterprises (lead coordinator is TIM).

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Giuseppe Pirlo

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Giuseppe Pirlo

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Via ariosto 25
00185 Roma RM

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Contact Name Role Country Address Business Name Legal Name Participant Type Website
Donato Impedovo Partner Italy Piazza umberto i 1, 70121 Bari, Italy UNIBA HES
Tommaso Di Noia Partner Italy Via amendola 126 b, 70126 Bari, Italy POLIBA HES
Domenico Talia Partner Italy Via pietro bucci 7/11/b, 87036 Arcavacata di rende, Italy UNICAL HES
Marco Guarino Partner Italy Via traiano palazzo ex poste snc, 82100 Benevento, Italy CERICT REC
Mauro Cislaghi Partner Italy 6 piazza diaz armando, 20123 Milano, Italy BV TECH SPA PRC
Caterina Cippone Partner Italy Via gaetano negri 1, 20123 Milano, Italy TIM PRC
Felice Vitulano Partner Italy Via adriano olivetti 11, 70056 Molfetta, Italy AIS SPA AISOFTW@ARE SPA ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE SOFTWARE SPA PRC
Pasquale Redavid Partner Italy Vico della vittoria, 24, 70014 Conversano, Italy gestione servizi spa PRC
Renato Mattia Partner Italy Via barberini 29, 00187 Roma, Italy ATLANTICA DIGITAL SPA PRC http://WWW.ATLANTICA.IT
Giovanni Tricarico Partner Italy Viale luigi einaudi, 15, 70125 Bari, Italy Leader società cooperativa consortile HES
Mauro Savini Partner Italy Via dei prefetti 46, 00186 Rome, Italy ANCI OTH
Aniello Cimitile Partner Italy Via roma 64, 86100 Campobasso, Italy COIIM REC
Michele Lastilla Partner Italy Piazza margherita di savoia, 10, 70023 Gioia del colle (ba), Italy Rete Antenna Pon Puglia PUB
Fabio Polino Partner Italy Via napoleone colajanni, 10, 70125 Bari, Italy CyberSecurity S.r.l. PRC
Francesco Bellini Partner Italy Via romeo romei 27, 00136 Roma, Italy EUROKLEIS PRC
Carmine Basco Partner Italy Viale degli atlantici ex caserma guidoni, 82100 Benevento, Italy Consortium of public bodies for e-government services PUB
Marco Gallucci Partner Italy Via durban 2/4, 00144 Roma, Italy Roma PRC
Antonello Angeleri Partner Italy Via colli 1, 10128 Torino, Italy ANFoV REC
Giovanna Stagno Partner Italy Via alberico ii 33, 00193 Roma, Italy FORUM PA PRC