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European Digital Innovation Hubs Network


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EDIH Title

Canary Islands Digital Innovation Hub

Geographical scope

Canary Islands


The CIDIHIB is a partnership of organizations and competence centers specialized in business digitalisation, providing key infrastructure, resources and knowledge for the digital transformation of companies and public institutions. Although mainly operating in the Canary Islands region, the CIDIHUB also collaborates with entities located in other countries in and out of the European continent. The CIDIHUB pursues to accomplish the following objectives and priorities: 1. CIDIHUB will act as one-stop-shop and cornerstone mechanism for coordination of digitalisation and digital transformation in the regional industry (with special attention to SMEs) and public institutions, facilitating the development and uptake of digital technologies in a combined and complementary effort with other local stakeholders. 2. CIDIHUB will continuously upgrade and build capacities on the necessary infrastructure, expertise and resources to provide a complete and updated set of services aligned with the digital needs specially of startups, SMEs, mid-caps and public institutions in the Canary Islands, with a focus on green and blue transition. 3. CIDIHUB will engage and partake in the Network of European Digital Innovation Hubs to develop enhanced capacities in HPC, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Advanced Digital Skills and accelerate the best use of digital technologies, not only limited to the Canary Islands ecosystem but also to other European regions under a collaborative, synergetic and win-to-win approach with other EDIHs. With a special focus on tourism, green&blue economy and manufacturing sectors, the CIDIHUB will coordinate all its local high-level resources and capacities in order to deliver a number of digitalisation oriented services, as well as monitor impact on the target groups, categorized in the domains of test before invest, support to find investments, training and digital skills, and ecosystem, networking and entrepreneurship.

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Jorge Galvan

Operational contact information

Antonio Collado

Coordinator address

Calle Santiago Cuadrado, 30
38006 Santa Cruz de Tenerife Santa Cruz de Tenerife

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European projects

Market and services


Artificial Intelligence & Decision support
High performance computing


Культурно-креативна економіка
Подорожі та туризм
Виготовлення та переробка
Навколишнє середовище


Innovation management
SME support
Technology transfer


Contact Name Role Country Address Business Name Legal Name Participant Type Website
Alma Cruz Partner Spain Calle cebrian 3, 35003 Las palmas de gran canaria, Spain ITC PRC
Elba Bueno Partner Spain Calle leon y castillo 89, 35004 Las palmas de gran canaria, Spain CMC OTH
Ana Torrent Partner Spain Avda. alcalde josé ramírez bethencourt 17, 35004 Las palmas de gran canaria, Spain CET OTH
Jose Luis Guersi Partner Spain Calle delineante n 2 planta 1 - oficina 4 urbaniza industrial de salinetas, 35214 Castillo del romeral telde, Spain CETECIMA OTH
Ayoze Castro Partner Spain Carretera de taliarte, 35200 Telde, Spain PLOCAN PUB
Alejandro Ramos Partner Spain Avenida Islas Canarias 8, 38006 Santa cruz de tenerife, Spain AVANTALIA PRC
Carlos Martin Partner Spain Calle via lactea, 38205 San cristobal de la laguna, Spain IAC REC
Jonatan Felipe Partner Spain Poligono industrial de granadilla, 38600 Granadilla de abona sc de tenerife, Spain ITER PRC
Sebastian Lopez Partner Spain C/ juan de quesada 30, 35001 Las palmas de gran canaria, Spain ULPGC HES
OPE OTRI Partner Spain Padre herrera s/n, 38200 San cristobal de la laguna, Spain ULL HES
Carlos Diaz Partner Spain Avenida de la feria -infecar 1, 35080 Las palmas de gran canaria, Spain SPEGC PUB
Manuel Pestano Partner Spain C/ rectora maría luisa tejedor salguero s/n. parque urbano las mantecas, 38320 San cristobal of la laguna, Spain PCTT PUB
Maria Tanausu Herrera Partner Spain Antiguo aeropuerto de los estancos, 35612 Puerto del rosario, las palmas, Spain PTF PUB
Pedro Ortega Partner Spain Calle león y castillo 54, 35003 Las palmas de gran canaria, Spain CCE OTH