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    Branding information

    Here you can find indications on how to use the visual identity of the EDIH Network.

    Overview - DMA Bulk Import Tool

    This section contains supporting material related to the DMA import tool: the SME/PSO import templates, the SME/PSO sample data and the SME/PSO user guide.

    EDIH sharing SMEs and PSOs

    A SME or PSO customer can receive services from multiple EDIHs.  See how to share SME/PSO across EDIHs.

    Overview - KPI Reporting Tool

    This section contains supporting material related to the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Reporting Tool: including the KPI Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and the KPI Reporting tool quick user guide.

    2023 report on gender equality in the EU

    2023 report on gender equality in the EU focuses on key improvement actions and achievements by EU institutions and Member States, and it provides inspiring examples from Member States and EU-funded projects in these areas. Key data on the gender equality state of play in the EU is also provided.

    EDIH websites guide

    Step-by-step guide for EDIH Coordinators that explains how to create their own EDIH mini website on the DTA platform.

    DMA Tool for PSOs — Guidance Material

    The DMA Tool for PSOs is now available.

    This section contains a user manual for the DMA tool for PSOs and the translated versions of the DMA questionnaire for PSOs.

    DMA Tool for SMEs — Guidance material

    This section contains support material on the Digital Maturity Assessment (DMA) Tool for SMEs.  

    You can find the user manual for the DMA Tool for SMEs, as well as the language translations in PDF format. 

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