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Language policy

Information in many languages

We aim to provide information on our websites in all 24 EU official languages. If content is not available in your chosen EU language, more and more websites offer eTranslation, the Commission’s machine translation service.

We aim to strike a reasonable balance between respect for speakers of the EU's many languages and practical considerations such as limited resources for translation. Some content, such as legislation, is always available in all EU languages. Other content might be available only in languages that user research tells us will reach the largest audience.

All content is published in at least English, because research has shown that with English we can reach around 90% of visitors to our sites in either their preferred foreign language or their native language.

Which languages are used on our webpages?

Priority content, legislation, key political documents and some of the other most visited Commission-managed webpages on the ‘Europa’ web domain, such as the ‘Official website of the European Union’, are available in all 24 EU official languages.

Urgent or short-lived information may appear first in just a few or even just one language. Other languages may be added later, depending on user needs.

Specialised information (technical info, campaigns, calls for tender, local news and events) may be available in a few or even just one language – the choice depends on the target audience.