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European Digital Innovation Hubs Network


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EDIH Lombardia


Lombardy Smart Specialisation Strategy identifies digital and green twin transition as the most urgent challenges to boost manufacturing industry resilience and competitiveness in EU and global value chains. Lombardy Region is one of the EU manufacturing motors, the fifth EU regional GDP producer (398.779 mln € in 2019). The mission of EDIH Lombardia (EDIH L) is to lead and implement a digital and sustainable twin transition of Lombardy manufacturing industry via a rich portfolio of 13 services provided by EDIH L partners. The objectives of EDIH L are: increase digital technologies adoption; support digital skills development; foster innovative business model adoption and go to market strategies; integrate digital European value chain. EDIH L deploys an interoperable portfolio of 13 services (OFFER), organized in four categories: Test Before Invest, Skills and Training, Access to Funds and Innovation Ecosystem and Network, which according to the AI REGIO classification can be defined as BEST services supporting Business Ecosystem Skills and Technology twin transition. EDIH L collects the needs, structures the requirements in customer journeys and creates impact on industry (DEMAND), by leveraging digital transformation and innovation market potential, delivering tailor made customer journeys of interconnected services. EDIH L targets both technology user and technology providers, stemming upon a common Digital Maturity Assessment methodology. EDIH L is a consortium of 15 partners: 1 Competence Center, 1 Digital Innovation Hub, both acknowledged in JRC catalogue, 5 Technology clusters, 4 Business Associations, 2 Financial Institutes, 2 EIT nodes. EDIH L service implementation relies on deployment of technology use cases in manufacturing scenarios in manufacturing lifecycle production processes available in EDIH L facilities. EDIH L leads EDIH4Manu, an informal open collaboration network of 25 EDIH candidates focused on manufacturing from 15 EU countries.

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Maria Rossetti

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Maria Rossetti

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Piazza leonardo da vinci 32
20133 Milano mi MI

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Contact Name Role Country Address Business Name Legal Name Participant Type Website
Pierluigi Petrali Partner Italy Via pantano, 9, 20122 Milano, Italy DIH Lombardia OTH
Andrea Mazzoleni Partner Italy Via oldofredi 23, 20124 Milan, Italy AFIL OTH
Maria Grazia Berardi Partner Italy Via marco d'aviano, 2, 20131 Milano, Italy CNA LOMBARDIA OTH
Roberta Gagliardi Partner Italy Viale vittorio veneto 16 a, 20124 Milano, Italy CONFARTIGIANATO LOMBARDIA OTH
Giulia Fornara Partner Italy Via pantano 9, 20122 Milano, Italy LOMBARDIA AEROSPACE CLUSTER OTH
Francesca Lazzari Partner Italy Via pantano 9, 20122 Milano, Italy LE2C OTH
Piersandro Trevisan Partner Italy Piazza leonardo da vinci 32, 20133 Milano, Italy ASSOCIAZIONE CLUSTER LOMBARDO DELLAMOBILITA' OTH
Vera Codazzi Partner Italy Via pantano 9, 20122 Milano mi, Italy LOMBARDY LIFE SCIENCES CLUSTER OTH
Paolo Panzarini Partner Italy Piazza san carlo 156, 10121 Torino, Italy INTESA SANPAOLO SPA PRC
Guido Dominoni Partner Italy Via taramelli torquato 12, 20124 Milano, Italy FINLOMBARDA PRC
Edoardo Rota Partner Italy Piazza leonardo da vinci 32, 20133 Milano, Italy EIT MANUFACTURING SOUTH PRC
Nicola Bianchi Partner Italy Piazza g.g. belli 2, 00153 Roma, Italy EDI.IT srl PRC
Roberto Valente Partner Italy Via ercole oldofredi 23, 20124 Milano, Italy UNIONCAMERE LOMBARDIA PUB
Heiko Stoermer Partner Belgium Guimardstraat 7, 1040 Brussel, Belgium EIT DIGITAL OTH