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    Introduction to FIWARE

    Train the Trainer course on 4 December 2023 (10:00-13:00 CET) on the FIWARE Foundation, which provides a suite of open-source tools for Smart City and Smart Verticals data management. The course will showcase the usage of FIWARE tools in Smart City systems, using the Badajoz Smart Province use-case.

    • Spain

    Mastering DevSecOps

    Train the Trainer Course on 31 August 2023 (12:00-14:00 CET) to better enable EDIHs and their representatives to master DevSecOps and provide DevSecOps (Development, Security and Operations) training to their SME / PSO clients.

    • Finland

    Digitalisation in Aeronautics and Space

    Three-part MOOC series “Digitalisation in Aeronautics and Space” that examines the transformations that have already occurred and likely upcoming changes, including possible job tasks emerging in the aerospace industry.

    • Germany

    AI in Practice: Applying AI

    Course that guides you through the practical aspects of applying AI in your own organization. You will examine typical applications of AI in use already and learn from their experience, including use cases and implementation, lifecycle, and AI application maintenance and management challenges.

    • Netherlands

    e-Learning on Digital Agriculture

    Course that provides a high-level overview of Digital Agricultural Technologies (DATs) concepts, their potential impact, the range of technologies available and use cases, as well as available agriculture data platforms and open data platforms for analytics and intelligence in agriculture.

    • International

    Introduction to web application firewalls

    Train the Trainer Course on 24 August 2023 (12:00-14:00 CET) to better enable EDIHs and their representatives to provide web application firewall training to their SME / PSO clients.

    • Finland