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European Digital Innovation Hubs Network
Welcome to the EDIH Network – Digital Transformation Accelerator

The Network of European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIH) is a pan-European initiative that aims to accelerate digital transformation throughout the European Union and Associated Countries.

This web site is managed by the Digital Transformation Accelerator (DTA), which has the objective to foster networking, cooperation and knowledge transfer activities between EDIH, SME and mid-caps, the public sector and the other relevant stakeholders and initiatives. The DTA will manage the web presence of the network, hosting appropriate software platform and tools and including an up-to-date online catalogue of EDIHs. The online services and relevant information will be available through these pages, and will be added over time.

European Digital Innovation Hubs Network
EDIH Network Annual Summit

The first EDIH Network Annual Summit on 31 May–1 June was a power-packed gathering of EDIHs, policy makers and public administrators, all coming together to drive digital transformation in Europe. Explore the wealth of knowledge shared in the sessions.

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